Pope Francis and President Trump Meet to Find Common Ground

As United States President Donald Trump travels, he will stop in the Vatican on May 24th to meet with Pope Francis to discuss their differences. According to the Associated Press, Pope Francis does not plan to attempt to sway President Trump on certain policies such as immigration, the environment, or even the construction of a wall. The pope simply hopes to meet with President Trump, listen to him and earn a better understanding.

The pope and the president have both publicly commented on the actions of each other. Pope Francis said building a wall was un-Christian and President Trump stated that the Pope has no right to publicly comment or question his faith. However, as they meet the pope aims to find common ground with President Trump to instigate peace. This ideology closely emulates that of popular peace-makers such as Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

President Trump’s travels include visits to Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as a NATO meeting in Brussels on May 25th. The meeting will be held in the Apostolic Palace and among the pope and president will also be Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican secretary of state, and Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the secretary for relations with states, (CNS, 2017.)

at the "NBC All-Star Party" in the Hollywood & Highland Complex, Hollywood, CA 01-14-04

Points that the leaders disagree on include the environment, immigration, and of course the approach and methods used to make a difference. Despite their differences, both leaders seem to understand a meeting and the establishing of common ground is necessary. It will be interesting to see how the two leaders can overcome their differences, the pope being a man of peace and humility, and the president known for his pompous attitude and unconventional approach. The stop at the Vatican is a strategic move to bring together two leaders in an attempt to unify in the fight against terrorism and intolerance, (CNS, 2017.)

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