KaVo Introduces the SMARTmatic Series to the Dental Industry

KaVo Introduces the SMARTmatic Series to the Dental Industry
KaVo, a producer of dental tools since its founding in Berlin, Germany in 1909, boasts more than 100 years of experience in revolutionary development of dental instruments. Each piece avows a “Made in Germany” quality. KaVo offers multiple price segments, including entry-level for smaller businesses with a lower budget. Each innovation, whether it be turbine hand pieces, polishing tools, or straight and contra-angle hand pieces, are produced in the headquarters located in Germany. KaVo aims to allow access for dentists to the attractive, stylish, precise, quiet, and high-quality instruments for daily business tasks.

smartmatic kavo
Credit: http://www.kavo.com/en/dental-handpieces-and-contra-angles/smartmatic

KaVo recently announced the launch of the SMARTmatic series, a hand piece series that utilizes smart features to ensure optimal outcomes. The SMARTmatic series has multi-purpose use ranging from endodontics, restorative dentistry, prophylaxis, polished, etc., (Kavo.com.) The series made its debut at the California Dental Association (CDA) in California Presents and the Ontario Dental Association (ODA) meeting in Canada, on May 4-6, 2017, (DE, 2017.)


The tools are designed with small heads to allow the dentists prime visibility when working on patients. Additionally, the tools are lightweight, balanced and promise precision and less fatigue for their handlers. The series is said to feature the following: “small head size for better visibility, ceramic sliders within the chuck system for securing the bur, stainless steel construction for long durability, high precision ball bearings for a high degree of efficiency, light weight for tireless working, and optimum balance for precise treatment,” (DPR, 2017.)


The SMARTmatic series excel in all areas, especially efficiency and versatility. What’s more, they are cost-effective. The series serves as a successor to the Intramatic E/ES series. KaVo boasts a 98% re-purchase rate with its clients., (Kavo.com.) The SMARTmatic series is made with rust-free stainless steel to ensure durability and low cost of maintenance. The series offers a variety of different applications for the hand piece including heads with differing purposes, rpm, chuck system, and features.


According to Florian Kolich, Product Manager for KaVo, the S33 is an “oscillating instrument” that moves a total of 70 degrees. “The benefit of this is that there’s less heat creation.” Regarding the S19, which features a silicon hand piece for comfort and optimal grip, Kolich stated, “the S19 is a very special instrument… you can demount it very quickly, put it together very quickly and it’s very lightweight.”


The hand piece is regarded as one of the most fundamental devices of dentistry. There are two types of hand pieces, air-driven and electric and as technology has advanced, so have the tools. Since the development of the air-driven hand piece 60 years ago, the everyday dental tasks have changed. Since its introduction, “several notable improvements have been made to the high-speed hand piece to make the design more ergonomic, the heads smaller for easier patient access, the turbines quieter, and bur-changing easier. Low-speed hand pieces are now reserved primarily for finishing and polishing procedures, prophylaxis, and laboratory applications,” (Robert, A. Lowe, DDS.)


In terms of the heat creation and the lack thereof with the S33, the technology acts as a response to the generation of heat from electric hand pieces and RPM. As dental technology continues to advance, production companies such as KaVo will continue to introduce new products such as the SMARTmatic series. The tools can be used globally in any dental center that hosts air or electrical motors, despite it only being made in Germany.


KaVo has been at the forefront of innovative dental technology for more than 100 years. In 2005, KaVo was responsible for setting a record for the lowest operating noise ever with its GENTLEsilence LUX. 2007 was a year of 19 product innovations for KaVo, with changes including combining an ergonomic design with 3D x-ray technology. “Overall, these instruments are perfectly made…they are very cheap. It is produced and developed in Germany, and we are very proud to show it here on the IDS,” stated Kolich at the 2017 International Dental Show.   With their new series, they are sure to bring patient comfort and dental excellence.

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