Smartmatic Selected to Automate Argentina’s 2019 Elections

The Argentine Postal Office announced that the 2019 general elections and Simultaneous and Mandatory Open Primaries (PASO) elections will be automated using technology designed and manufactured by Smartmatic, the world’s leading election technology company. Selected through a competed public bidding process, Smartmatic will implement a revised process focused on security, efficiency, and integrity of the vote.

Smartmatic’s system will be integrated into nearly fifteen thousand polling centers to enable direct transmission of tallying reports and data capture to deliver automated and accurate results. This data will enable authorities to announce unofficial results on election day.

By leveraging Smartmatic software, Argentinian citizens will be able to track a more precise vote-count, which is crucial in an election that will determine 24 senators, 43 Mercosur parliament members, 130 deputies, and the next President and Vice President.

Smartmatic’s participation in the 2019 election in Argentina will not be its first. The company was previously selected by the National Election Chamber of Argentina to oversee the verification of voters’ identities across 14 municipalities and six provinces. Additionally, in 2015, Smartmatic technology powered electronic voting machines in La Falda and Marcos Juarez and processed preliminary counts in the province of Cordoba.

Smartmatic has provided technology to facilitate elections in 25 countries across five continents. Since its founding in 2000, the company has recorded nearly 4 billion votes without security breaches.


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