Smartmatic’s Newest Voting Machine Ensures Election Integrity

At the 17th International Electoral Affairs Symposium, held earlier this year in Ghana’s capital of Accra, Smartmatic, the world’s largest elections technology company, unveiled its newest Classic Voting Machine.

The Classic Voting Machine was designed to enable convenience and accessibility while protecting the integrity of the vote. The device features an intuitive interface for voters to easily navigate the election process. This user-centric design includes the addition of a printer programmed to provide a physical copy of every single vote, empowering each voter to be an auditor.

Knowing how critical data protection is in elections, Smartmatic has strengthened its cutting-edge technologies with multiple layers of protection, security measures, and identification verification applications.

“Not all elections are created equal,” said Dr. Kohdr Akil, Vice President for Smartmatic Africa. “We knew we needed a tool to make voting more accessible and comprehensive to help our clients make elections more efficient and transparent. The Classic Voting Machine was constructed to do just that.”

Smartmatic manufactured the Classic Voting Machine to be fully-integrated and lightweight in an effort to ensure even the most remote areas would be provided safer voting access.

In addition to the voting machine, Smartmatic also presented to the 100 representatives in attendance at this year’s symposium a wide range of solutions. The technology focused on improving the transparency and efficiency of the election process.

Throughout the multi-day event, held January 27-30, experts from 50 countries convened to discuss best practices, voter participation, new initiatives in the election process, and emerging technologies that protect the accuracy of elections.

The company chose to unveil its Classic Voting Machine at the 17th iteration of the International Electoral Affairs Symposium to further promote electoral fairness and ethics worldwide.

Smartmatic aims to continue providing innovative solutions that establish and implement a reliable voting experience as technology continues to expand around the world.

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